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19 Dec 2014

Early Mugsmasher team news + Arsecast 334

Morning folks, welcome to the last Friday before Christmas so tonight is going to be one of those nights where people will probably have a small sherry or two as they celebrate the true meaning of the season: love, understanding, togetherness and peace.Sorry, I mean getting rat-arsed drunk, falling over

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18 Dec 2014

Where are we now – Part 1

The World Cup in Brazil feels as though it has only just finished, yet here we are at Christmas, with the season already at its half way stage. It’s been a bumpy ride for Arsenal with new players, new formations and a total lack of available defenders giving the team

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18 Dec 2014

Nobody’s Per-fect

When a highly-populated hivemind has formed its collective opinion on a player, it usually takes something gargantuan from that player to change their headline, be it positive or negative. The struggle is greatest for defensive players; their more impressive work often goes unnoticed, or is merely added to a portfolio

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18 Dec 2014

The festive schedule and our ability to cope

So, Thierry Henry Thierry Henry Thierry Henry Thierry Henry Thierry Henry. Thierry Henry Thierry Henry Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry Thierry Henry Thierry Henry,  Thierry Henry. Thierry Henry Thierry Henry Thierry Henry … er … no, we’ve done enough Thierry stuff so we’ll talk about something else today. Except to point you in the direction of this, made

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17 Dec 2014

Goal Tales: The Return Of The King – by Tayo Popoola

For the week that’s in it, here’s something cool from DJ Tayo, you might remember him from such podcasts as The Tuesday Club and … er … well, that’s about it. Thierry Henry returned to Arsenal in 2012, and nobody will ever forget the goal he scored in the FA

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17 Dec 2014

Thierry: let’s not let another legend pass us by

Morning all. I was having a dream where I was interviewing somebody for a podcast when I realised halfway through I wasn’t using any microphones so I had to pretend for the rest of the interview that a matchbox was a small recording device. Then, the person I was interviewing

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16 Dec 2014

Champions League draw :: Thierry joins Sky Sports

So, the main news this morning is the Champions League draw and for once our balls were not super-warm and drawn against even bigger balls. First Barcelona drew City, then Atletico got Bayer Leverkeusen, Real Madrid were drawn against Schalke and there was still that thing where you felt Bayern

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
15 Dec 2014

Arsecast Extra Episode 46 – 15.12.2014

Here’s this week’s Arsecast Extra with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s show we discuss the 4-1 win over Newcastle while reacting to the Champions League draw as it happens. We talk about that return to Monaco for Arsene Wenger, Giroud, Cazorla, Bellerin and Szczesny, and the faux

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15 Dec 2014

Players get some rest + some Giroud thoughts

How nice it is to go into a long week off the back of a good win. I say a long week because we don’t play the Mugsmashers until Sunday, which is probably not a bad thing really. Although that’s unlikely to make any difference to the availability of Laurent

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14 Dec 2014

Arsenal 4-1 Newcastle: Giroud and Santi at the double

Match report – By the numbers – Player ratings – Video I may have mentioned this before but I really like it when we win. I especially like it when we win scoring ace goals. And I really especially like it when we win scoring ace goals with a back

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13 Dec 2014

Arsenal v Newcastle – live blog

Join us this evening for live blogging of the Premier League tie between Arsenal and Newcastle, kick off at 17.30GMT. Live blog is 100% free to follow on your computer or mobile device and gives you real time text commentary from the match. This season we’ve added a mobile specific

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13 Dec 2014

Newcastle previews: Injured Injure Injures Injurious Injury

I wonder if you were to poll Arsenal fans about what they felt was the biggest issue at the club right now, what would it be. Obviously the manager would be very first on the agenda; ticket prices; the disenchantment felt with a board who no longer act as custodians

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